How to get your ring size

How To Measure Ring Size
To find out your ring size, measure the inside diameter of an existing fitting ring with a ruler and check it against our chart below.


If you don’t already have a ring - then why not try wrapping a piece of foil or paper around your finger to make a ring, measure the inside diameter with a ruler to check against our chart below.

Ring Size Measurement Chart - (Guide Only)

Inside Diameter Ring size
15.5 mm J
15.9 mm K
16.3 mm L
16.7 mm M
17.1 mm N
17.5 mm O
17.9 mm P
18.3 mm Q
18.7 mm R
19.2 mm S
19.6 mm T
20 mm U
20.4 mm V
20.8 mm W
21.2 mm X
21.6 mm Y
22 mm Z